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Bali Social Integrated – The Power of Blockchain and Tourism 2.0

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The success of any project depends upon the roadmap it takes to achieve its milestones. From security audit to token sale, every milestone plays a vital part in deciding the popularity and success of the token. Bali Social Integrated, a blockchain-based tourism platform has taken the right approach from launching its token on Uniswap to getting audited by SlowMist.

Bali Social Integrated has taken upon itself to optimize the global tourism industry by integrating blockchain to reduce operational and transactional costs. The platform takes a decentralized approach to improve the customer experience for global travelers and ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Bali Social Integrated – the technology disruptor!

Bali Social Integrated aims to eliminate the intermediaries that charge exorbitant amounts of transaction and convenience fees from the tourism industry. As blockchain has the inherent advantage of removing intermediaries, Bali Social Integrated uses it to create a global platform where travelers and service providers can interact directly.

Bali Social Integrated uses a $BSI token, an ERC-20 token to create a blockchain-powered payment network to facilitate cross-border transactions without fiat conversion fees. $BSI token acts as the lifeline for the entire Bali Social Integrated ecosystem.

$BSI Token

The $BSI Token is a crypto token designed to empower the payment network of Bali Social Integrated. It seamlessly integrates with Viaje Network to create a solid payment network that can be used to make daily payments across the entire network of affiliated stores.

However, the $BSI Token also has unique use cases such as booking airline tickets, hotel booking, renting electric vehicles, etc. Also, by investing in $BSI Tokens, the investors can get the front-row seat to witness the growth of the best blockchain-powered tourism platform.

Token sale

The $BSI token is going live on Uniswap on  August 23rd at 15:00 GMT +7. This is the first-ever public chance for investors to get hold of $BSI Tokens, and Bali Social Integrated chose the best crypto exchange for the listing.

Following the launch, Investors can get their hands on the revolutionary $BSI token on the BSI website with the fixed price of $1 per BSI token. Also, the company has incentivized purchasing the $BSI token on the website with the following benefits. Investors can purchase $BSI token for 0.00032 ETH and withdraw the tokens from their wallet on August 27th.

  • Buy BSI Token with 0,1 ETH bonus 5%
  • Buy BSI Token with 0,5 ETH bonus 10%
  • Buy BSI Token with 1 ETH bonus 15%

To avail of these benefits and bonuses, the user must purchase the token from the official website. Also, the total token rewards of 300,000 BSI tokens for investors who purchase $BSI tokens on the website.

Link to buy $BSI Token: https://bsin.io/

Smart Contract Audit by SlowMist

SlowMist is a popular blockchain ecosystem security platform that tests and certifies promising blockchain projects. Bali Social Integrated earlier got its Smart Contracts audited by SlowMist on Feb 26, 2021.

Bali Social Integrated passed all the tests and was considered safe and secure for transactions. The detailed report for the Audit is available here.

In conclusion, Bali Social Integrated is a revolutionary platform that is taking all the correct steps to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future. With the $BSI token going live on Uniswap, it is sure to make waves in the blockchain-powered tourism industry.


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