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Bitget to Launch King’s Cup Global Invitational with a Prize Pool of up to 100 BTC

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According to a recent tweet posted by Bitget CEO Sandra Lou, the exchange is preparing for its annual trading competition. Although the details of this contest have not been officially disclosed yet, people familiar with the matter say that the total prize pool will be as high as 100 BTC, and the registration is expected to start in mid to late October.

Total Prize Pool: 100 BTC

The trading competition is called “King’s Cup Global Invitational”, indicating that it is a major event for elite traders worldwide and will be held under the principle of unity, fairness and competitiveness. In addition to the 100BTC prize pool, Bitget plans to distribute 5 million BGB (its platform token) as an additional benefit and original NFTs as merchandise custom-made for this contest.

For fairness, the competition will be divided into Team Battle and Individual Competition. All eligible users can apply to become a Captain. Teams with a minimum of 30 players will be qualified to participate in Team Battle. Team members can also register for Individual Competition, which means they have the chance to receive a double bonus if they win in both sessions. The detailed rules and prize distribution method of the Team Battle and Individual Competition remain unknown.

The 5 million BGB prize pool is also worthy of expectations. According to the source, Bitget set up the prize pool as a thank-you gift for users who actively engage with the platform during this contest, and the reward will be distributed in the form of an airdrop. And in each region, Captains whose team performs best in obtaining new users will share a high percentage of the BGB prize pool and even more benefits.

For users who sign up early, Bitget has prepared early bird benefit packages where Captains or individual players will receive generous trial funds for futures trading. The limited number of packages will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Theme: Fight Pixel Intrusion

The Bitget team has come up with the creative theme of”Defend the Earth against Pixel Invasion”.

The story is set in an era of Etheric civilization with advanced blockchain technology, where a quantum civilization six light-years away plan to launch an attack on Earth in search of a better living environment. At that time, the most sophisticated weapon of quantum civilization can rapidly transform entities into pixels. In response, the human race, represented by physicists, race car drivers, gaming masters, and ex-soldiers, quickly organizes an anti-pixel coalition to fight against quantum civilization.

Seven young people from different countries form the strongest battle team, each mastering one of the seven different elemental skills: silicon, gold, earth, wind, water, fire, and lightning. When combined together, the skill set has a great power that is capable of defending the Earth’s civilization.

Bitget used this as a backdrop to create a set of NFT artworks representing the different forms of energies and objects in the story. The works will be given as prizes to the Captains and lucky users who perform well in the Team Battle.

About Bitget

Bitget is among the fastest-growing derivatives exchanges, with 1.6 million registered users worldwide and an average daily trading volume of $5.6 billion. Since the launch of its globalization strategy last year, the platform has expanded rapidly in global markets. It is now the Top6 derivatives exchange and the largest crypto asset copy trading platform in the world.

Obviously, Bitget is holding this trading competition to attract more global users and increase its brand power and impact within the derivatives segment. Although the specific rules for the competition and prize pool allocation have not yet been announced, as the first global competition to be held by Bitget, the high-profile contest is well worth looking forward to.

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