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Dynex (DNX) is a Decentralised Neuromorphic Supercomputing Platform

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Dynex (DNX) is said to be a next-generation platform for neuromorphic computing (computational model patterned on the human brain) based on a ground-breaking flexible blockchain protocol. It consists of participating PoUW miners that constitute a decentralised neuromorphic supercomputing network which is capable of performing computations at unprecedented speed and efficiency – even exceeding quantum computing. Dynex’s proprietary Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW) algorithm called DynexSolve enables each miner to perform Dynex Chip computations and in turn get rewarded with DNX coins and anyone that might be interested in taping that computational power to perform neuromorphic computing calculations would need to pay in DNX. A Dynex Chip is described as a neuromorphic chip design, based on ideal memristors. Such a chip cannot be built with current hardware (ideal memristor!) so it is being simulated with ODE integration. It turns out that the simulated circuit shows all desired features (long-range order, instantonic behavior, etc.), and is quite fast when simulated on enough GPUs. There’s a reference implementation on GitHub so everyone can try it.

Dynex is certainly interesting and different than most other crypto projects out there with the goal being not only using computational (mining) power for securing the blockchain network it uses, but trying to actually use that computational power provided by miners for creating a large and decentralized neuromorphic computing platform. The project is still in the works and there are some quirks and issues that get resolved in a timely manner, it is still quite new and more work is probably needed for its goal to be fully realized. Now is also the perfect time to join in early if you are interested.

Since Dynex uses its own custom DynexSolve algorithm you need to use a specially designed mining software that runs on your GPUs called DynexSolve with the current latest version being 2.2.1 (the one you need to use) that supports Nvidia CUDA as well as CPU mining, unfortunately AMD GPUs are not yet supported. The mining software simulates the so-called neuromorphic computing Dynex Chips and it seems to be more of a memory intensive than GPU intensive algorithm. Mining can be done on both Windows and Linux operating systems and it is a wise idea to keep an eye out at the projects Discord server for up-to-date development and any possible issues and fixes being applied. DNX can be mined on a number of mining pools such as mineradnow.space, newpool.pw or neuropool.net among others. If you are interested in trading Dynex coins, then you may want to look on TxBit the only crypto exchange that currently has DNX trading pairs listed.

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