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Opacity Partners with Rubic to Cut Down on Crypto Fees

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The data storage specialists at Opacity are proud to announce a new partnership with Rubic to cut down on costly cryptocurrency fees. With the new partnership between Opacity and Rubic, users who are concerned about privacy and digital security finally have the weapons to fight back against the surveillance state.

Encrypted Storage Has Never Been More Affordable

Encrypted storage providers like Opacity are proud to offer uncrackable data vaults to the public, yet some fear that cloud storage services will always be too expensive for the mainstream public to get behind. That’s starting to change now that Opacity is offering more affordable encrypted storage services with the addition of the Rubic widget to the Opacity platform.

Rubic lets Opacity users effortlessly purchase cryptocurrency tokens that can be used to subsidize the costs of data storage, all without sacrificing the incredible ease of use that Opacity users love. Users can now purchase OPCT tokens directly from the Opacity website through the Rubic widget. Rubic provides affordable swaps, bridges, and revolutionary cross-chain routing services they pioneered.

By enabling one-step crypto-trading, Rubic allows users to buy and sell tokens without the hassle of visiting an exchange. Combined with Opacity’s stellar storage services, the Rubic widget makes it safe, easy, and quick to securely store files online.

Rubic is happy to start the partnerships between our projects,” noted Rubic marketing manager Andrey Aksenov. “One of the goals of Rubic.exchange is to help anyone to complete any type of swap with one click. This partnership will significantly help users of the Opacity platform and will bring them a unique solution on the market- Cross-Chain Routing, which will allow them to swap any ERC-20 token to any BEP-20 token.”

United In The Pursuit Of Privacy

This is great news for holders of the OPCT token, especially as it piggybacks off the launch of Opacity Web 2.0. The latest version of the privacy-prioritizing cloud storage service is thus set to reach more users than at any other point in the platform’s history.

OPCT users have long relied on the token as not only a valuable investment but also a method of paying for unparalleled cloud storage services. They can now use Rubic’s multichain DeFi ecosystem for instant swaps, and there are no limits on instant trades to be worried about. The Rubic service doesn’t even charge any provider fees for instant trades.

“Our partnership with Rubic is sure to make the Opacity platform more helpful to users than ever before,” said Opacity CEO Jason Coppola. “With Rubic on our team, Opacity can offer true anonymity and digital security to the modern citizen without sacrificing ease of use.”

About Opacity Storage

Opacity is a next-generation cloud storage provider that prioritizes privacy and ease of use. Created by innovators who are committed to bringing the right to privacy into SaaS, Opacity permits freethinkers to quickly download and upload their files in a safe and secure fashion.  Opacity is dedicated to creating a storage and exchange market focused on individual users rather than companies.

About Rubic

Rubic provides a one-stop decentralized platform for instant cryptocurrency swapping. As the creator of the world’s first cross-chain routing solution, Rubic has already revolutionized the blockchain industry. By cracking down on cryptocurrency scams while providing liquidity and business services, Rubic is ensuring cross-chain accountability that crypto-enthusiasts can count on.


Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay
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