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Be Your Own Bank: Reality or pipe dream?


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1 oz. silver Krugerrand1 oz. silver Krugerrand

1 oz. 999 Silver Krugerrand from South Africa

Remember, we established that every cost is expressed as a weight of silver and gold. It doesn’t matter is is in grams or ounces it is still weight that matters. So our traveler will pull out any silver round he has in his purse and pay. The driver will gladly accept American eagle or Canadian maple leaf or South African Krugerrand or Australian kangaroo or Austrian philharmonic or Kongo’s silverback or JM Bullion round … well you got the idea. Very quickly, flow of travelers, commercial activity exchange our goods and services would create a healthy flow of cash. That would mix up money from different origins. No need to exchange any of that for others. Everybody in the world could understand simple calculations in weight. While strolling on Rome’s streets Joe would notice something missing. He remembers from the last trip 2 years ago that place was infested by banks and ATMs. Every bank had a network of hundreds of ATM machines. But now, no ATMs, no banks. All gone for good…

Smart card with digital walletsSmart card with digital wallets

Smart card with silvera nd gold digital wallets

Each card has 2 wallets, one for gold and the second for silver, expressed in grams of investment-grade precious metals (99.99 or 99.9 purity) Programmers created software with 2 digital vaults inside every card. One for silver and one for gold. There was no monetary value shown anywhere but only a weight number in grams expressed as 2 decimal places number. On a later day, we decided to introduce 3 decimal places to promote even finer resolution and smaller-sized transactions. Instead of using some imaginary values, like 1 Ether, our programmers created wallets with values in grams. Extremely simple, universal and understandable by everybody on the planet. Wallets are written with a resolution of 0.01 grams. At present costs, 0.01 gram is the value of about 0.60 dollars for gold and 0.05 for silver. Fractional purchases are encouraged …

Anonymity for members. People are sick and tired of KYC (Know Your Customers) garbage. That is a blunt Government intrusion into everybody’s privacy

From time when money was a real thing!

1 dollar banknote1 dollar banknote

1 Dollar Silver Certificate

We strongly believe that only fair money is gold and silver. Sooner or later there will be a nation that will go back to a gold standard. It is the best monetary system ever devised by men. And it is not rocket science. It was like that in America not that long time ago. The USA went from gold standard into printing money at will on the year 1971 under the presidency of Richard Nixon. Yes, it looks like it was hundreds of years ago, but it wasn’t. Your grandma and grandpa had money like that in their pockets. Take a look at this banknote above.

This is exactly what it says it is. Silver certificate backed up by real silver sitting in the vault. One could walk into any bank and exchange this certificate for physical silver at will. Did anybody do that, walked into the bank and exchanged a paper banknotes for physical silver? I wasn’t born at that time but my best guess is no. Why not? For a very simple reason. Actually 2-3 of them:

1. People at that time trusted money and there was no need to “test” the system. Dollar was valuable and big as a house. You could buy things with it.

2. Government at the end of 1800’s – beginning of 19th century was small. And it worked fine as it was.

3. Here is a big one: there was no inflation! Prices were stable, dollar was valuable

4. It was time of general prosperity, work was everywhere, Henry Ford was churning cars, miners where mining, sailors were sailing, sellers selling, manufacturers manufacturing like there is no tomorrow. Single bread earner could provide for whole family. Not a case today.

Dollar today is a shadow of dollar from 100 years ago. Lost 98.5% of value. We need a better money!

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