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As a beginner in the field of bitcoins and Cryptocurrency trading, you are fortunate to have this book with you. You will learn Simple Trading Strategy in the business of crypto trade, only if you can read the book line by line and understand the terms. Presently, bitcoins and cryptos are among the high-ranking assets anyone could acquire in the world. It is rated as the best tool for cross-border transactions. You can make payments to someone in any country easily without hassles using your e-wallets. Due to all these benefits, you should know how these technologies operate in order to harness your resources and enjoy these trending digital currencies.
Other things you will learn in this book include:

  • Understanding Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies
  • The Ecosystem of Bitcoins
  • The Prices of Bitcoin from the Beginning
  • How to Use Bitcoins
  • The Antecedents and Origins of Bitcoins
  • What is Localbitcoins?
  • How to Encrypt your Coins
  • Using Two-factor Authentication
  • Ways to Monitor Exchange Rates
  • Malware on Bitcoins
  • Differentiating Regular Exchangers and Peer-to-Peer Exchangers
  • How does Liability Occur during Trading?
  • Getting a New Wallet
  • How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins
  • Using Hardware Wallets
  • How to Use Mobile and Software Wallets
  • Bitcoin Exchanges
  • Understanding Bitcoin Exchange Rates
  • How to Use Over the Counter Brokers
  • What is the Difference between Hand Fork and Soft Fork?
  • Introduction to Money
  • The Origin of Money
  • Different Kinds of Money
  • What is Digital Money?
  • What is Physical Money?
  • What are Quantitative Easing and Currency Pegs?
  • Understanding Gold Standards
  • The Intrinsic Value of Fiat Currency
  • Navigating the World of Cryptography
  • How to Use Digital Signatures
  • What are Hashes?
  • What are the Best Crypto Trading Exchanges?
  • Understanding Bitcoin Options Trading
  • The Market Cycles of Cryptocurrency
  • Bot Platforms for Crypto Trading
  • Bitcoin Trading Mistakes
  • Expiry Dates of Options
  • Bitcoin Trading Tools
  • Bitcoin Trading Checklist
  • Tax Software for Cryptocurrencies
  • Placing Market Orders on Binance and Blockchain
  • Placing Market Orders on Coinbase Pro
  • Introduction to Digital Tokens
  • Using Title Tokens
  • What is Depository Receipt Tokens?
  • How to Earn Passive Income with Coinbase
  • How to Use Asset Backed Tokens
  • Trading and Withdrawing Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase
  • What are Native Blockchain Tokens?
  • Placing Market Orders on eToro
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • How to Experiment with Blockchains
  • How to Use Private Blockchains
  • Using Public Blockchains
  • How to Use Notable Cryptocurrencies and Tokens
  • What are Darknet Markets?
  • Using Contract Tokens
  • Making Cross Border Transactions
  • How to Manage Utility Tokens
  • Understanding Market Signals
  • Market Momentum Drivers
  • Detecting Downtrends and Uptrends
  • How to Move Averages
  • Different Kinds of Moving Averages
  • Adopting the Guidelines for Moving Averages
  • How to Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • Death Cross versus Golden Cross
  • What are Flags in Market Trends?
  • Using Indecision Candles
  • Understanding Swing Trading in Cryptos
  • How to Manage Wallet Risks
  • And many more…

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Publisher‏:‎Independently published (May 17, 2021)
Paperback‏:‎153 pages
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