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In “Bitcoins, Blockchains and Smart Contracts”, learn about the ongoing blockchain revolution and the potential for cryptocurrency technology to alter the futures of finance as we know it. Everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies from Bitcoins, Blockchains, and Smart Contracts to cryptocurrency investing, trading, mining, and storage. Plus much more.

Bitcoins and Blockchains
The term "blockchain" can mean several things to different people. To most people it means a group of computers located at various internet locations that are linked together, making it an enormous computer network. To others, it means something physical- a dock of computer devices, a ledger, etc. Regardless of various opinions on the actual contents of the "blockchain", one thing is clear: Anyone can create a new "blockchain" or "initial coin offering (ICO)". These are crypto-asset equities just like the famous original version, Bitcoin. This book will discuss everything you need to know about bitcoins and blockchains.

Ethereum and Smart Contracts
Nowadays many companies are creating an open-source protocol for the transportation of value using the blockchain backbone. The protocol they choose is called the ethereum network and it works wonderfully as a decentralized platform for smart contracts. Basically anyone can write smart contracts on top of the ethereum network protocol; therefore there is no need for companies to purchase and maintain any kind of blockchain infrastructure. This also helps prevent one from being dependent upon just one type of decentralized ledger – leading to a considerable amount of cost savings.
Companies may still execute their proprietary protocols and choose to maintain their private ledgers. However, as more companies begin to implement smart contract technology into their businesses, the move to a public and fully decentralized ledger makes perfect sense. The fact that nearly every business transaction is recorded in the chain by both parties demonstrates the immense potential the chain has for facilitating global real-time business transactions. By migrating away from the outdated centralized ledgers of the past and towards a new decentralized ledger infrastructure, we can expect to see the dawn of new internet-based technologies which will revolutionize the way the world conducts business for decades to come.

Blockchain Revolution
If you are looking for an investment opportunity with minimal risk involved, then this book will help you learn about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both of these digital currencies are similar to each other, and both have their pros and cons. However, what may be most promising in this technology is the ability to write smart contracts. The difference between various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ethereum comes down to one simple word: cryptography. While there is no common way to secure the transaction process between these two digital currencies, they both use different encryption methods to accomplish this goal. This is where both of these technologies shine. Whereas bitcoin uses its own cryptography, many other cryptocurrencies use a variant of ethereum’s cryptography. By informing you of the value of cryptocurrencies, “Bitcoins, Blockchains and Smart Contracts” can help you better understand the underlying technology which can ultimately help you invest your money wisely.


Part 1 Introduction to Blockchain

Part 2 Cryptocurrencies: Crypto Assets to Crypto Investing

Part 3 Bitcoin: Bitcoin for Beginners to Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Storage

Part 4 Ethereum: Ethereum for Beginners to Smart Contracts, Mining, and Storage

Part 5 Conclusion: Blockchain Revolution and Blockchain Futures