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Blockchain 2021


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Learn Easily Everything About Blockchain, Defi and Bitcoin, Ethereum Trading. Discover Now All the Advantages on the Cryptocurrencies’s World.

Have you heard of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin? Do you know someone who has made a fortune by using their knowledge and expertise of Blockchain and its relevant technology? Would you like to master the craft and get the most out of it? If any of the above have appealed to you, then keep reading. There is more!!

While Blockchain appears to be complex, and it can be, its core idea is quite easy. A database, or Blockchain, is a form of digital ledger. To comprehend Blockchain, it is essential to first comprehend what a ledger is. It is a list of data processed on a computer device in an electronic format. Database material, or records, is typically arranged in table format to make finding and browsing for relevant information simpler. What’s the distinction between a database and a spreadsheet when it comes to storing data? Spreadsheets are built to store and retrieve limited volumes of data for a single individual or a small number of people. On the other hand, a database is structured to hold even greater volumes of data that can be read, filtered, and exploited by any number of multiple users at the same time. Large databases do this by storing information on servers comprised of strong machines. To provide the computing resources and storage space required for multiple people to access the database simultaneously, these servers may often be constructed with hundreds or thousands of machines. Although anybody can access a spreadsheet or directory, it is often operated by a company and maintained by a designated person who directly influences how it functions and the data it contains.

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If you haven’t noticed, blockchain technology is about to transform not just the banking market but also other aspects of our lives.

From storing patient history and resolving court issues, and shopping for food, there’s a lot to keep track of.

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It’s no doubt a sci-fi concept or a tech geek’s creation.

While Blockchain is still in its infancy in the commercial sector, the possibilities for introducing the technology into virtually every business are limitless.

However, more studies and explanations of how we can apply blockchain technology to more facets of our lives are needed to truly comprehend what it is.

In this book, we will learn and understand: What is Blockchain, how it works, and how secure is it? Role of Blockchain in finance, banking, and currency exchanges Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Consensus Algorithms and crypto Tokens How initial Coin offerings work? Valuing Crypto assets beyond bitcoin and Ethereum Limitations of Blockchain What does the future hold for Blockchain and cryptocurrency?

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What are you waiting for?

Combining straightforward instructions and beginner advice with advanced trading strategies and wisdom, BLOCKCHAIN 2021 will take you by the hand and show you how even a complete novice can begin investing in cryptocurrency and seeing results.


Seattle, Washington D.C., in 1984.

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cddcdd Since he was a child, one of his biggest dreams has always been to write books, and in 2019 he finally had the chance to accomplish his great desire!

Nathan is the author of over 10 trading books, some of them are still in progress.

At the beginning of February 2021, he reached a great personal satisfaction, which is added to the many fantastic results achieved with trader; one of his first books, “Options Trading,” became a bestselle, selling many copies!

His innovative strategies, which you will find in the books, are simple and super effective for both new and veteran traders.

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Nathan Real is a full-time professional trader and a trading coach with many years of experience in market studies

He is also an expert in technical analysis and the maker of many innovative strategies.

Following his graduation with honors in economics, he immediately started working as a financial analyst for a large company.

Over the years, he has also developed many effective trading strategies on the Stock Exchange, Forex, Futures and Options, and in recent years, he has also established himself in the world of Blockchain with excellent results!

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His books have helped a lot of small investors making the right choices. Today he lives with his wife, 2 children and his inseparable toy poodle, who has been with him for years on his business trips!


This book is your foundation!!!

You don’t need to be a math genius to invest in crypto successfully. But you do need a strong base of knowledge to work from.

This book is your foundation.

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This book is therefore designed for everyone looking to increase their earnings!

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