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You read somewhere that today you’ll be able to make money from home by investing within the stock exchange, that a tiny low amount of capital invested in big global companies like Amazon, Tesla, or Apple can cause you to plenty of cash. Is that possible? Yeah, if you recognize the way to trade. The bitter truth that online ads and social media posts don’t tell you, though, is that you need to be superb at making money. Markets offer tempting opportunities, but they also conceal pitfalls like loss of cash or fraud. There is a solution: learn to try and do online trading seriously. Suppose you recognize yourself as a beginner within the field and feel that you don’t know to take position money within the securities market. Therein case, you’ll always start gradually so gradually accumulate experience. The Trading Bible provides a close exposition of the various methodologies, both graphical and quantitative, which will be accustomed study the financial markets’ behavior. The goal is to spot the most effective earning opportunities, reducing the chance of losing the maximum amount possible.

In this bundle, you will discover:

     Day Trading Guide, to learn how it works, the mindset you need to have as a trader, the basics of money management, etc.

     Day Trading Futures, to learn how to trade futures ad make a profit from them.

     Day Trading Options, to learn basic options strategies, pitfalls to avoid, volatility in the markets.

      Day Trading Strategies, to learn to make money on the stock market with the best strategies, tricks, secrets, and methods.

      How to Acquire the Right Mindset to Trade, to face every moment with the right, winning attitude.

      … & Lot More!

The book shows how to combine different operating techniques (for example, signals provided by Japanese candles combined with Elliott’s wave theory and indications from mathematical oscillators) to identify the correct market timing or the most appropriate time to enter and exit the market. The author explains how to recognize the best operating situations exploiting the concepts of trend, momentum, and volatility.

It particularly focuses on analyzing the trend phases, both bullish and bearish, describing the different characteristics. It then teaches how to recognize the end of a positive trend or a negative one, seeking appropriate divergences between prices and some quantitative indicators. The aim is to provide a complete set of operational tools to make decisions with a certain calm and keep it for the transaction duration.

There is no other place where you can find something more than this comprehensive guide if you want to start trading and make it become a new source of income in a very profitable way.

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