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Revolutionary High Rewarding Staking Pools Driven by Wins & Losses from a Decentralized Betting Platform

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The Vanilla Network is a deflationary token that aims to introduce innovative staking and betting decentralized applications (dApps) in the market for betting enthusiasts globally as well as users that are looking for rewards in return for long-term participation. All this, whilst offering a 0% rake to consumers to play on their betting dApps, a truly decentralized product offering ensures all rewards are delivered back to the consumer!

Community fund: self-recycling reward system

The core of the project is established with a new recyclable community fund providing the infrastructure of the product offering. The Vanilla Network envisions using Blockchain technology to produce a community-driven betting and staking platform where the house no longer wins! In fact, this is a state-of-the-art staking system unlike the influx of reflection tokens that have flooded the market.

At the core of the Vanilla Network is a fund that will self cycle by being funded and replenished with the wins and losses on the network’s dApps, hence the funds will always belong to the community.

Recently, the team behind Vanilla Network have launched two different products for the Vanilla ecosystem — High APY pools and a head-to-head betting DApp.

High Yield Staking Pools: delivered by a healthy ecosystem

The original Vanilla Staking pool was engineered to reward long-term stakeholders who participate in developing the ecosystem via dividends received from any transaction that occurs on the dApps running on the network. The Chocolate and Strawberry staking pools will equally award long-term stakeholders with a fixed known return.

The Vanilla staking pool is designed to combat inflationary pressures and award investors for holding their tokens. For both the Chocolate and Strawberry staking pools, there will be a limited number of seats allotted. These seats will represent the number of tokens that can be pooled into either pool before they close.

Moreover, users will have to remain in their respective pools for a set course of days before they can claim their rewards. The Chocolate stake pool users can claim their reward after 45 days while the Strawberry stake pool investors can claim theirs after 30 days.

Investors can un-stake whenever they want however, they will have to forfeit their rewards if they decide to do so before the time is completed. The Staking pools will have a 5% fee for joining, and claiming rewards that aid the deflationary protocol and supply-side mechanics of the VNLA token.

Interestingly, the Vanilla network aims to reward their users for staking and remaining in the respective pools; thus rewarding long-term ecosystem players. The Chocolate Staking pool will award an APY equivalent of 275%. This APY equivalent illustrates a high return on investment without limiting the project’s ecosystem.

Moreover, the Strawberry staking pool will award an APY equivalent of 250%. In conclusion, the Staking pools of the Vanilla network are unlike others with astounding returns that are delivered by a self-recyclable system backed by a real-world use-case. Users can choose to be in either of the diverse options the Vanilla network offers.


To conclude, it is recommended that users attempt to participate in both the Vanilla Staking pool and the fixed yield Staking Pools depending on their investment appetite. This way users can gain from the burning supply and also be rewarded from the guaranteed high APY.

A truly groundbreaking approach, where Blockchain technology doesn’t just disrupt the archaic gambling industry but also rewards users who remain as long-term ecosystem players.

So what’s your flavour? Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla?


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