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The National Women’s Soccer League Secures Multi-Year Deal With Voyager

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The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has signed a multi-year deal with crypto platform Voyager Digital to become the latest league to step into the space.

What This Deal Means For All Those Involved

One of the fastest growing crypto platforms, Voyager, has now entered the soccer world for the first time at this level, and this is big news for those who are keeping an eye on the Voyager platform and token. CEO Steve Ehrlich had an interview with CNBC this past week, and he spoke on his excitement to enter a new world and connect people in crypto through sport.

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“We see this as an opportunity to really engage with the NWSL player, fan and that community in a way that nobody has before,” Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich said. “What’s really intriguing to me is engaging with women’s sports, and that’s a very important aspect for us because it’s a market that we believe is ripe for education and an opportunity to give these women a stronger foothold on their financial future through crypto.”

Ehrlich added, “we are extremely proud to partner with the NWSL, specifically to help the league grow and provide its players with crypto education and direct financial support, paid in crypto,” . “We believe strongly in the future of these players and this league, and we can’t wait to get started.NWSL interim CEO Marla Messing said in a statement.”Voyager’s investment in the league is especially innovative because we’ve collectively designed the partnership to include direct financial resources for every one of our players, as well as education on the revolutionary changes underway in digital assets,”

Voyager's token, VGX, has not responded dramatically to the news around the NWSL partnership, but looks to be finding a new support level. | VGX-USD on TradingView.com

Scoring A Goal Through Soccer

Many other sports franchises and teams have partnered up with specific wallets, exchanges, and blockchain-focused companies lately. What makes this special is the fact women’s soccer will be a focal point for Voyager’s push in sports, especially given the NWSL’s recent growth. In a heavily male-dominated crypto landscape, the partnership will help further the development of having more women involved in crypto.

Women’s sports gets put in shade, but women’s soccer happens to be something that is too big to not see lately. Steve Ehrlich concluded his conversation with CNBC with more statements talking about the importance of this deal.

A “significant portion” of the investment that Voyager is making in the NWSL as part of the deal will create a fund that will be split across each player and put into their own individual Voyager crypto account, Ehrlich said, declining to provide specific financial details. Players will also receive financial education on crypto from Voyager.

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