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Top 3 Reasons Why Cradles Will Make You Want To Try The Metaverse

by Coinwidow
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The metaverse is fast becoming a household name. The innovation behind virtual reality has been around for a while and is only now starting to gain ground.

Most of the current success of the metaverse can be attributed to the growth of gaming in the space that has seen players earn while enjoying this blossoming virtual reality. However, as more projects come out, it has begun to be a repeat of the same thing, with users in the space becoming bored with repetitive titles showing little creativity.

Primarily, there have been those who have found success with these same tedious systems, but the current shift in the market suggests that a change needs to happen if the metaverse is to retain current players and onboard new ones. This is why new innovation is needed when it comes to the metaverse and the gaming aspect.

Some projects have already taken the lead when it comes to providing new experiences for users. Cradles: Origin of Species is a new blockchain game that is redefining what it means to participate in the metaverse. It features a total top-to-bottom overhaul of the established gaming systems, bringing not only captivating gameplay and characters to users but also changing how the utility is thought of when it comes to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

A New Type Of Metaverse

Cradles: Origin of Species is the very first time-lapsing metaverse to grace the space. The game world basically has a life of its own, tagged as a “living, breathing virtual world that continues to evolve and process, simulating the laws of time and physics just like in real life.” This unique approach to building a virtual world that feels real and mirrors the characteristics that make the real world so compelling sets Cradles apart from the rest.

The game integrates aspects of the existing metaverse systems but also focuses on being a game first and foremost. For this reason, Cradles manages to capture the type of experience that transforms newcomers into return players.

The Cradles metaverse is a complete world with a city and an adventure zone, both coming with a map to navigate the world. It provides an extreme level of freedom to all who enter by allowing them to take the shape and form of different living things. The metaverse serves as home to extinct creatures that once roamed the Earth. Players, depending on what they prefer, can choose to take the forms of these animals by injecting themselves into these beasts. You can choose to be a mammoth or one of dozens of dinosaurs; the possibilities are endless.

Building For The Community

Now, one thing that has brought about the failure of many metaverse projects has been their inability to connect with their communities. These players are essentially the backbone of any ecosystem, and when they do not feel appreciated or heard, they will abandon a project, leaving all of its components to crash and burn. This is why Cradles focuses on its community by making this world a community-owned creation.

Unlike most projects, users do not need to cough up a large amount of upfront investment into NFTs to start playing the game. Cradles has introduced different ways for users to participate in the game even if they do not own expensive NFTs.

The first major development that integrates the community is that it is a subscription-based game. Just like many firsts, Cradles has checked, it has made its mark by being the first blockchain subscription-based game. All players need to do is purchase a monthly game access card, and they are able to access the game for that entire duration.

Another unique way for users to participate is the “Staking Into NFTs” (SIN) innovation. This mechanism helps players to earn more in-game by allowing them to stake into the NFTs held by their favorite gamer streamer. When a community stakes into the NFT of a player, the player receives an extra boost which gives them an edge over the competition, and the spoils of victory are shared among everyone who staked into the NFT.

Also worthy of note is that all of the in-game transactions carry a 0% transaction fee. This means that players can easily buy, sell, or move things around in the game for free with no hassles, as long as it’s a small transaction. The only in-game fee is a small tax that is imposed on the transactions of valuable items in the game.

An Entropy Increasing World

The Cradles metaverse brings about yet another change in the established standard of metaverse worlds by introducing the first-ever blockchain game with an entropy-increasing world. What this means is that the worlds within the game are not everlasting. They follow the same regular operation as the real world when it comes to the world ecosystem and the urban area. Failure to follow these can lead to chaos and disorder in the world, causing them to perish.

With the entropy-increasing feature, worlds will operate until they reach their limit of chaos. The world will eventually shut down when the chaos reaches its peak and will only reopen when it has cooled down enough to operate as normal. When a world closes down, all players will lose all benefits they had in that world, as well as their staked coin. This incentivized players to manage the world system properly, such as finishing renovation tasks, helping non-player characters (NCPs) live, and/or punishing those who break the rules.

Cradles has indeed shown that it is here to change how the metaverse is viewed. Its features make trying the metaverse an enticing prospect even for non-gamers.



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